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Life At Obegi

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, there might be an opportunity for you in Obegi Group.

​​Working with us, you will get to challenge yourself by solving problems that make a genuine difference. ​

We are certain of our ability to help you learn and improve in meaningful and lasting ways.​​

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shape the future of key industries

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Bringing the best out of each other

Our Group's success is the result of the work of our people. We recognize that each member has an impact on our development as a company. As a result, we always invest in nurturing and growing our team.

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Career Development


We believe that people can acquire new abilities and use them creatively to solve real-world problems. That’s why we emphasize continuous learning and offer our employees dedicated online courses and other learning opportunities. This helps deepen their expertise in a specific topic or expand their knowledge into a new area.​

Collaborative Teams

Teamwork is our recipe for success. We do everything we can to harbor an atmosphere where trust, responsibility, communication, and leadership are valued. Cross-functional team work collectively on solving problems, with each member adding their own unique viewpoint, skillset, and knowledge.​

Coaching and Mentorship

Your peers and partners will assist you in expanding your knowledge. Learning from each other’s experiences can positively impact our careers. Informal mentorship, formal feedback, and performance reviews are all geared towards helping every team member improve as far as they can.​

Commitment to our workforce.

We are committed to fostering diversity, inclusion, and acceptance in our work environment.
We proudly affirm ourselves to be equal-opportunity employers.
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Obegi Group leads international industries of chemicals, agriculture, finance, logistics, and consumer goods with utmost excellence and integrity. ​
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