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Who we are

Obegi Group leads international industries of consumer goods, chemicals, banking & finance, logistics, and agriculture with utmost excellence and integrity. 


The Group

Obegi Group has grown from a family-run business in Aleppo, Syria’s most profound city, to become a conglomerate based in Luxembourg, establishing itself as a pioneer across five key  industries.

Our Industries

The Essence of our Expertise

Entrepreneurship has been at the core of Obegi Group since its early beginnings: the willingness and dedication to fulfill unique strategies, enter various fields, and open the door to innovative business operations while on a continuous pursuit for enhancement.

With this mindset, we have been able to retain leading positions across international regions while upholding the highest standards and maintaining our core values every step of the way.

An Open Mind is the Key to Growth

Our mission is to exceed international standards, with teams of dedicated and specialized professionals, by practicing integrity and innovation throughout all five operational industries. 

The Responsibility to Lead by Example

With entrepreneurship at the heart of our advancement, we aim to lead global industries through sustainable excellence in every operation, while preserving our core values. 

Core Values

The five foundational values upheld by every member of Obegi Group exemplify our heritage and form the pillars of our excellence.


Our culture nurtures transparency and reliability.This focus has allowed us to build lasting trust among all team members and with all stakeholders.


We believe in determination and continuous improvement.As a result, we always desire and help our people achieve their full potential.


We believe that we can learn from anyone, regardless of their rank. Everyone must be treated with respect.


We believe that a team is much more than the sum of its part. Our family spirit gave us the strength to stay agile and grow in all environments.


Professionalism has always been at the core of our search for excellence. We are detailed-oriented and seek to uphold the highest standards with our clients and between the team members.


1905 - 1959

Everything worthwhile has to start somewhere

Our story unfolds across three generations, and to take you to the very beginning, we must start with our founder.


Yordan Obegi introduced chemical dyestuffs to the leather and textile industry, across what was then the Ottoman Empire.


Obegi Chemicals had opened an office in Beirut and had expanded its business into the agricultural sector, by introducing a new line of chemical fertilizers throughout Lebanon, Jordan & Iraq.


Settings its sights on new horizons, Obegi Foods was founded, as a specialized division for the importation and distribution of consumer goods into Lebanon.

1965 - 1968

Thriving through diversification & fruitful partnerships

The beginning of the 1960s marked a clear new beginning for Obegi Group, with our first step into the financial sector: the inception of Credit Libanais, which would soon become the third-largest bank in Lebanon.


Marked our entry into the retail market, with the opening of LINO, a precursor of what would later become OBEGI HOME, our statement in the world of home fashion and lifestyle creation.


A joint venture was created with the Festekdjian family, adding Liban Tapis and Byblos Teppich Fabrik SAL to our group.


Marked the foundation of UNIFERT (United Fertilizers) which remains a cornerstone of our business to this day, giving us a solid base of operations in the agricultural sector.

1973 - 1979

There is always an extra mile to go

Our efforts did not stop there. The 1970s marked a key period in the evolution and expansion of Obegi Group.


Marked the beginning of our strong foothold in Europe, with our European-founded bank BEMO Europe reaching as far as Brussels, Luxembourg, and Paris.


Our position in the FMCG market was steadily reinforced, as Henkel Lebanon was founded, as a joint venture with the German household detergent producer Henkel KGaA.


Despite the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War, Obegi Group S.A. Luxembourg was registered, in order to consolidate all of the Obegi family’s activities under one conglomerate.


Marked the foundation of Al Wadi Al Akhdar, which remains an icon and a staple as a Lebanese brand of consumer goods.

1999 - 2018

Growth and Strategic Investment

The 90s in Lebanon witnessed further success for our group, with the founding of Bemo Bank Lebanon S.A.L., within a vibrant banking sector at the time.


A new detergent plant was constructed in Aleppo, Syria, as an expansion of our joint venture with Henkel KGaA.


Logistica S.A.L. was founded, consolidating our logistical services within the Obegi Consumer Products Group and providing solutions to third-party clients such as McDonald's.


Our partnership with the Fahmy family contributed to launching the Alexandria Chemicals Terminal (ALXCT). Being the first bulk chemical terminal on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt,  ALXCT served as our base of manufacturing and distribution across the MENA region.


The establishment of ALXCT was a crucial step towards our next major manufacturing investment: Obegi for Chemical Industries & Polymers (OCIP). This strategic milestone helped propel the operations of the Obegi Chemicals Group towards even greater heights.

2020 - Present

Further excellence and growth into the future

The recent regional developments saw the Obegi Group de-consolidating its Lebanese and Syrian banks: BEMO Liban and BBSF.
Obegi Consumer Products Group then entered into a joint venture with a leading Moroccan company, Aiguebelle.
In parallel, Al Wadi reinforced its position as the leading brand for Lebanese Specialties and is currently distributed in over 25 countries.

Message of the President

At Obegi Group, we are proud of our determination and ability to continuously fulfill our mission and promise as a corporation. Throughout all our operations, our vision is to continue providing best-in-class products, services, and solutions that directly respond to the demands of the market. 

We uphold our values of trustworthiness, humility, collaboration, and professionalism with the utmost pride. Our faith in the power of genuine leadership and grit help us in order to continue growing confidently with the help of our partners. 

Our goal is to continue to exceed expectations and pave the way to a future full of innovation and fruitful collaborations. 

Our promise as a group is to maintain our position as industry leaders and create a better future for generations to come by striving towards:  

Excellence Across Industries 

Dr. Riad Obegi, Obegi Group President 

Riad Obegi Signature