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Obegi Consumer Products Holding

Established in 1959, OCPH is a leader in the sales, distribution, and marketing of consumer goods. Through solid partnerships & joint ventures with international brands such as Henkel, and a diversified portfolio of products, OCPH provides brand-building consultancy, sales expertise, and logistical support within the FMCG sector.

Throughout the Levant, Iraq, and Morocco, OCPH supplies consumers with world-leading brands of food, confectionery, personal care,  hygiene, toiletries, cosmetics, laundry, home care, portable power solutions, and consumer solutions products.

Consumer Goods | Obegi Group

Satisfying consumer’s needs

Pillar Activities

Marketing, Sales & Distribution

OCPH has taken marketing, sales, and distribution of consumer goods in the MENA by storm.

With a sales force of over 250 employees, amounting to 40% of OCPH total workforce, each member of our team is specialized to deal with the different trade sectors. 115 cash vans sales representatives have pushed our products to more than 80% weighted direct distribution with over 90% of total market coverage.

Strong collaborations with international partners, proficient marketing knowledge, and a diverse portfolio position OCPH as the leading distributor of several consumer products.

In House Brands

Under OCPH’s management, inhouse brands Al Wadi Al Akhdar and Bihar have grown to lead the local market for decades and expand internationally through export. After years of experience and accumulated market knowledge, our strategies remain agile and adaptable for any and all circumstances. As such, and in light of Lebanon’s economic state, Al Wadi Al Akhdar, with the support of OCPH, has released Dounya, a parallel product line of the iconic Al Wadi Al Akhdar, to provide the local community with affordable food options.


Our supply chain services (Logistica) division features logistical services, freight forwarding services, over 15,000m2 of storage space, and a fleet of 42 optimally-conditioned trucks across Lebanon. These are coupled with a team of 250 sales and merchandising specialists and a state-of-the-art IT system.

Partnerships & JVs

OCPH is always open to growth through new collaborations. Our joint venture with Henkel Germany has intensified our global presence and led to the opening of a detergent plant for local manufacturing. With OCPH’s guidance and strategies, brands like Frico, Energizer, and others have accumulated prominent awards, showcasing their undeniable success. Most recently, OCPH has expanded into Morocco through our newest joint venture with chocolate brand Aiguebelle.

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