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Obegi Chemicals

Established in 1905, Obegi Chemicals led the foundation for what is today a multi-industrial giant. Merging experienced product specialists with our extensive market knowledge, warehousing, and distribution services, we have accumulated a wide portfolio across 3 divisions: Fine Chemicals Division (FCD), Infrastructure Solutions Division (ISD) and Performance Chemicals Division (PCD).

FCD encompasses diversified essential industries including nutrition, hygiene, and pharma sectors. The exhaustive product offering of the ISD includes coating, construction, inks, adhesives, and water treating & waterproofing. The PCD’s product offering includes polyurethane, oil & gas, and lubricants.

Obegi Chemicals has operating offices inLebanon, Egypt, Belgium,Jordan, UAE, SaudiArabia, Syria, Kuwait,Oman, Bahrain, Qatar,Iraq, Yemen, and Kenya.This local footprint has allowed us to continuously locally adapt to each market and industry’s needs.

Chemicals | Obegi Chemicals

It's A Matter Of Chemistry

Pillar Activities


ALXCT is a bulk storage terminal that safely handles chemical products across the EMEA region in liquid form. With a capacity of 55,500 m3 and 26 above-ground atmospheric storage tanks equipped with monitoring and detection devices, ALXCT accommodates all chemicals of high and low flashpoints.

Only the highest safety and environmental standards are implemented to guarantee top safety for both short and long-term storage(NFPA30, API 650, ISGOTT 5th & 6th editions, ISO 9001 2015 & ISO 45000).

Strategically located at the Egyptian Mediterranean coast, we are the only storage plant to provide international clients with:

  • Carbon storage tanks
  • Heated storage
  • Nitrogen blanketing/purging
  • Inline and in-tank blending
  • Onsite third-party laboratories at specified locations
  • Land for development


Equipped with the latest technologies, Obegi for Chemical Industries and Polymers (OCIP),Egypt, is a manufacturing plant able to produce an extensive range of water-based emulsion polymers for coating, construction, and adhesion. Our flexible processes allow us to customize each client’s chemicals according to their specifications.


Obegi Chemicals leads chemical distribution across the GCC. Continuing this legacy of optimal chemical solutions, Obegi Chemicals Europe strengthens our capabilities and network across Europe.

Through collaborative efforts with top global suppliers, we provide clients with:

  • Agrochemicals and water treatment products
  • Construction materials
  • Polyurethane products and fabrication machines
  • Personal and home care products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Human and animal dietary products
  • Oil and gas

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